Gentlefile Dedicated Handpiece

Gentlefile Dedicated Handpiece

Producer: MedicNRG

MedicNRG is a leading company in the global Endo technology field, and a major manufacturer of Electronic Apex Locators (EAL) . We are unique in our the capability to exactly define a need, “know how” in dental and technological fields and an advanced marketing perception. We aim to integrate design and user friendly interfaces as essential components of our devices’ identities, creating excellent tools in hands of dentists and advancing healthy dentistry.

GF handpiece Complete set (head+ charger)

Innovative approach to root canal preparation

Simple, and quick root canal preparation, with a minimal number of files. Allows a predictive treatment of the majority of root canals with minimal damage to the tooth

structure, and preserving the natural anatomy of the canal.

Gentlefile® system comprises single use files and contra-angle heads in order to prevent cross-contamination. The gentle action, the easy operation of Gentlefile® designated handpiece, the economical price of the files and its efficiency benefits dentists and patients alike.

Dedicated handpiece With Disposable Contra angle

  • Operated by a single button: ON- OFF
  • No need for adjustment – built-in safety mechanism eliminates the need to select parameters.
  • Automatic rotational speed adjusted to load, Maximum: 6,500 rpm by friction only - overload protection
  • Cordless, low weight device