Empower® Clear Brackets

Empower® Clear Brackets

Producer: American Orthodontics
American Orthodontics

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Beauty and performance come together in Empower 2 Clear. This aesthetic bracket gives you the versatility and ease of self ligation, while giving your patients the beautiful smile they deserve both during and after treatment.

Treatment Versatility

Empower is the first in the industry to offer you the versatility of both interactive and passive bracket designs in one unified system with coordinated in/outs.

Interactive Bracket

Lower ligation forces early in treatment: exceptional torque and rotation control during working and finishing phases

Passive Bracket

Lower ligation forces throughout treatment

Product Features
  • Redesigned Clip Track – added relief for the clip track provides easier opening
  • Chamfered Slot Entrance – reduces friction from wire bending
  • Modified Clip shape
  • Robust Bracket Body Design – enhanced durability without sacrificing tie-ability
  • Thicker, more robust clip – 20% thicker clip increases wire seating force and reduces clip deformation

The Price for full system includes 1 set ceramic upper 5 - 5, lower 1-3 ceramic ,metal lower 4 - 5 and Tube 6 SL and 7 Tube

For more details see the broschure and/visit AO YouTube Channel