Clevo ultraviolet ray disinfector

Clevo ultraviolet ray disinfector

Producer: Dmetec

DMETEC has a over 30-year experience in dental business as trader and manufacturer. We have given meticulous attention to quality and performance of product and we have invested much amount of profit to develop new devices and control quality, so we can say that we make top-class products for accuracy, reliability, durability and real value.

We are designated as not only Superior Exporting Company but also Technology & Innovation Company with 20 of Patent, Utility & Practical Model Certificates and with obtaining international certificate ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA, CFDA and GOST, etc.

CLEVO is an ultraviolet ray disinfector for not only dental handpiece scaler but also any kind of small instruments frequently used to patients.

This product is medical device. Please read "caution for use & user guide" before operation.
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  • Destroy DNA of Virus due the penetration Ultraviolet ray into the protein & nucleic acids of Virus.
    Oresent patient's trust by disinfection surgical device with patient's watching

    Automatic short operating for only 15sec
    Strong UV-c power of 695.487㎼ · sec / cm.2
    Small potable & light weight