OrthoEasy® Pins 6 mm

OrthoEasy® Pins 6 mm


FORESTADENT - German precision in orthodontics. The company FORESTADENT, located in Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of orthodontic products worldwide. As a family run business with more than 100 years of tradition, the name FORESTADENT stands for high precision and innovative quality products.

OrthoEasy® Pins

Orthodontic implants for skelettal anchorage needs.

OrthoEasy®: An innovative head and three colour coded lengths for all of your orthodontic anchorage needs

Cortical anchorage made easy
Do you want to solve orthodontic anchorage tasks reliably and effectively? Then you should get to know OrthoEasy® anchorage screws from FORESTADENT. OrthoEasy® Pins are self-drilling and self-cutting and allow for an uncomplicated application. Shark-like cuts allow for an easy insertion with a low torque and reduced bone pressure. A compression step in the last thread pitch ensures higher primary stability through mechanical compaction of the bone. The transgingival conic screw neck sits tight on the perforation area after insertion and seals the gingiva against infections.

OrthoEasy® pins are colour-coded for an easy identification of the lengths. They have an innovative head in proven bracket design with double cross slot .022’ x .025’ (except for OrthoEasy® Pal), which allows for a flush insertion of two square archwires and various connections. An average thread diameter of 1.6 mm (max 1.7mm) was chosen to allow for unlimited action even in restricted spaces.


  1. Uncomplicated insertion, as self-drilling and self-cutting
  2. Protection of roots as almost blunt tip prevents accidental damage
  3. No pilot holes required (except in structural compact area, e.g. anterior mandible)
  4. Low torque, reduced bone pressure thanks to shark-like cuts
  5. Improved primary stability due to compression step in last thread
  6. Can also be used in tight spaces thanks to an average thread diameter of 1.6 mm (max. 1.7 mm)
  7. Protection against bacteria thanks to conical neck
  8. Multiple connection possibilities thanks to innovative design of head
  9. Better hold in the insertion blade thanks to the octagonal head, which offers more leverage
  10. Optimum control of the slot position during insertion thanks to laser marking on the blade
  11. High level of patient comfort thanks to reduced vertical height of the head
  12. Low inventory and complexity as only four pin variants are necessary
  13. Better visual differentiation thanks to colour-coding
  14. Bio-compatible through titanium grade 5 alloy

Ortho Easy Pin – 6 mm Price include 6 x 1.7 mm Slot .022" set 5 pis.