Harvard IonoLine

Harvard IonoLine

Producer: Harvard Dental Company
Harvard Dental Company

Harvard Dental Company in Berlin 120 years ago its most famous product, Harvard Cement .Nowadays Harvard Dental International presents a number of innovative product developments of modern cements and materials which satisfy highest standards of quality. The portfolio ranges from temporary treatment with luting cements to provisional crown and bridge material and to definitive luting cements. Furthermore Harvard offers biocompatible endodontic and capsule-based MTA cement which provides for a problem-free mixing process and an excellent consistency of the material. The company is certified in compliance with the international standards as per EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC 2009 and operates strictly according to their principles of quality management and customers orientation.

Light cure resin-modified glass ionomer liner.

Properties and advantages

  • Perfectly flowing liner
  • Excellent as base material
  • Fluoride release
  • Radiopaque
ArticleOrder no.
2 ml syringe, 3 needle tips7071260
Harvard NeedleTips H20
refill bag with 50 pcs.7091226

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