INNO Internal Implant (Tissue Level)

INNO Internal Implant (Tissue Level)


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Internal Fixture
Surface Treatment: SLA-SH®

  • Interchangeable with 1 staged Internal Fixture
  • Internal Octa Connection (Taper 8°/ Octa 3.1)
  • No-Mount Type
SLA-SH® Surface TreatmENT
by Nano/CaP soaking technology
Sandblasted, Large-grit, Acid-etched, Super-hydrophilised
  • Hydrophilicity by activation with neutralization solution & bioactive material coating
  • Sandblasted with Biocompatible grits unlike Majority of implants in market are done with Alumina
  • Macro-pore & Micro-pore of Ti-Oxide layer mimicking the etched enamel rod of tooth
  • Even distribution of roughness through the whole portion of Implant Surface
  • No destruction or alternation of the surface are caused even with torque force at 120
  • Acceleration of Osseointegration and Maximization of BIC
  • SLA-SH® is applied for All of the COWELL® Implant Systems