FORESTADENT - German precision in orthodontics. The company FORESTADENT, located in Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of orthodontic products worldwide. As a family run business with more than 100 years of tradition, the name FORESTADENT stands for high precision and innovative quality products.

BioStarter®: Round archwires for a perfect start to your orthodontic treatment

BioStarter® round 0.010“ – for particularly sensitive patients The smallest BioStarter® archwire with the dimension 0.010“ broadens the application of BioStarter® archwires even further. This archwire will work in the most adverse conditions, e.g. periodontally compromised patient and malocclusion can be corrected with the lightest of forces totally risk free and extremely gentle. Until now stranded wires with high friction and poor elasticity had to be used for these applications leading to extended treatment times. The BioStarter archwire is also suitable on sensitive and anxious patients.

For more information please read the Info Flyer-PDF.

New: BioStarter archwires with stops

BioStart archwire with stops